What you love most in the world, you have to let go
I wrote this poem three years ago, and It was my first upload to Wattpad ever 
Tell me what you think

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TheInfatuatedNerd TheInfatuatedNerd Sep 18, 2011
@Gee_Bee08 Oh im sure you are just fine ;) it just takes a little practice... this is definitely not that great, but thats ok :)
TheInfatuatedNerd TheInfatuatedNerd Sep 05, 2011
@Isreal haha. this is like, as far as i go. i suck at poetry. i tried to write a poem for u the other day, but it is soooo hard to put in words.....
LyingToStopThePain LyingToStopThePain Sep 04, 2011
I remember you texting me this one...I like it. Lol.
                              Even if I don't get poetry...
TheInfatuatedNerd TheInfatuatedNerd Aug 25, 2011
@ShadowDawn haha you are awesome... omg i didnt fan u yet one sec. and i already have translucent posted!
MadameShorts MadameShorts Aug 24, 2011
I like it :) you should have posted more than just one of your poems....(yes i'm talking about those other ones....yes you know what I mean)
TheInfatuatedNerd TheInfatuatedNerd Apr 30, 2011
                              That is officially one of the sweetest comments i have ever received! :')
                              Thanks so much! :'D
                              You should post your poem!!!! :)
                              And there isn't more of this poem, but i do have another good one and a bad one! :P