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Always  Alone(Book 1: In The Alone Duology.)

Always Alone(Book 1: In The Alone Duology.)

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ᏦᏬᎷᎧᏒᎥᏦᎧ By Kumoriko Completed

Naruto and Yuki were sitting atop the hokage mountain having a small dinner picnic. Naruto turned to look over at Yuki who was smiling as she watched the sun slowly go down. "Yuki thank you." Naruto muttered out.

Yuki turned to Naruto with confusion clear on her face. "Thank you for what Naruto?" 

Naruto pulled Yuki into a small hug. "For being my friend and believing in me."

Yuki let out a small chuckle. "No problem Naruto. But I want you to listen to me for a moment okay?"

Naruto stood alert. "What is it Yuki?"

"I want you to know that being hokage is not to just get recognized by everyone."

Naruto looked confused. "It's not?"

Yuki let a gently smile towards Naruto. "No Naruto that is not it. You see being hokage means that you have the fate of this whole village on your hands. Being hokage means that you believe in all of your
villagers as they believe in you. It is not about them recognizing you, but you recognizing them. And then one day when you retire from hokage one of these many villagers will take your place. So you must
be patient and have grace for all of your people. You lead these people as they lead you understand Naruto? As hokage you will give them hope."

Naruto eyes got big as Yuki words sunk in. "I get it now! I promise when I am hokage I will give people hope. Hope to always be able to believe in something."

Yuki smiled widely as the moon begun to rise. "I'm sure you will succeed Naruto."

Nightmare_Dreamer_ Nightmare_Dreamer_ Jul 23, 2016
I had Pandora on and that song came on while I was reading this.... Haha
mony_sakura mony_sakura Mar 29, 2016
Is it just me or this song is just suitable for the anime !!!! ' itachi pein sasuke naruto minato kushina obito kakashi' are the people i thought of as i listen(?) to the music
OlyviaTheCat OlyviaTheCat Sep 22, 2016
Thai song made me cry... Very slightly, but it was there. Man... that song was added to my list.
HelloItsNova134 HelloItsNova134 Dec 07, 2016
I flipping love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
yachikookie yachikookie Jul 08, 2016
Love how you start and this song pretty much explains Naruto
HeavensLostProperty1 HeavensLostProperty1 Mar 29, 2016
the lyrics is sooo touching and just makes you want to think about everything in your life and the life we live in