Patriarchal Paragon

Patriarchal Paragon

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Nocturnal-Lullaby By nocturnal-lullaby Updated Aug 03


Confined by a patriarchal society, that is the world Elena and her fellow female counterparts dwell in. A domain where one step off of the line can land a female punishment by her mate, her father, her brother. Simple freedoms are off limits. Will the Moon open Her eye to the horrors her children are subject to? How will Elena survive her arranged fate? 

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fffuckme fffuckme Jul 17
It's sad that only a small portion of women are free and it depends if you are lucky enough to be born in a curtain country. So few are free and I'm lucky enough to be born in one of few place.
Gotham_xo Gotham_xo Apr 18
I have to see it happy to have stumbled upon your book as it is so hard to find good stories these days , if i enjoy it I shall be sure to recommend it to my readers
Bitch I only wear jeans or sweats, you'll never catch me in shorts let alone dresses or skirts. Foh, fight me.
shep77712 shep77712 May 03
I would run away from that society if I had to wear only skirts and dresses!!
meckymeck meckymeck Jan 21
Please tell me that is not to make sure that they r still virgins, have abnormalities and can produce n so forth????
Pinkforest1 Pinkforest1 Jan 28
You give a very grim image of life in this pack.
                              Do the females just accept their fate?