It's Always the Brother's Best Friend (On hold for serious editing)

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Britt By missy4eva Updated 2 years ago
One night can make all the difference. One night can change everything you ever believed and thought was right. One night will mean all the difference for Ellie Bishop.
    For Ellie, life couldn't be better. She has a great group of friends, a caring family and a brother who would do anything for her. The only downside is her brother's jerk of a best friend, Damon Hunter. He is always trying his hardest to annoy Ellie until things start changing for the both of them, leading them to a possibility together. Then one night changes everything. The only thing is, was it for better or for worse.
my brother's name is Mitchell, and he gets murderous when people call him Mitch
i haves a question when are you gonna add a new chapter i wanna see where Damon and els relationship goes. it seems like he can be a sweet guy to her
Please update soon... Getting tired and gonna delete the book. It is taking up space in my library.
wow this is the best 1st chappy ever...  jst dont wanna stop reading....
OMG!!! This book is the bomb!!! It's amazing. I love it!!! It's one of my favs.
I really like the story so far!! But Damon is really annoying:(