Tag You're Glitched

Tag You're Glitched

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Kanae Yoshida By Shocker_Girl Updated Dec 29, 2016

First Book in the Tag You're Dead series.

Jake Sanders is an American Exchange student studying Japanese in Tokyo. He also happens to be a fervent gamer. His favorite game is a game called Hall of Myth, where he plays a female sword wielding character. 

Harmless right? Everybody does it when they get bored of the same stuff in a game. They play a different gender.

Until the game becomes much more. 

Jake wakes up as his character Mizuki suddenly one day, and finds that he's not the only one waking up as a fantasy game character. Now he.. or now she... must not only juggle the embarrassment of becoming the opposite sex, but also fight against other players in a race to solve the mystery of her situation before it kills her.

It's the most dangerous game of tag ever played.

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MisakaLovesYou MisakaLovesYou Dec 27, 2016
What Kampfer should have been instead of a sleazy fan service anime with no plot. Thank you sis. The anime gods are smiling upon you.
MisakaLovesYou MisakaLovesYou Dec 27, 2016
No he didnt!!! I think!!!! Yeah! 'MERICA!!! (starts firing redneck guns into the air.)
MangaAnimeNovelOtaku MangaAnimeNovelOtaku Dec 28, 2016
I missed getting updates from both you and Micky-chan! I'read this for sure! Is this story based on an anime?