Wasted Chances (boyxboy/manxman) [SK series]

Wasted Chances (boyxboy/manxman) [SK series]

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Kat (I wish) By xXBrokenRecordXx Completed

(Book 2)

Mark, a bisexual werewolf with a temperamental werewolf as his soul mate that was once his bully, sure most would forgive and forget since you were going to spend the rest of your life with this person but there was one thing that separated his case from most. He was in love with his bully. Was. Though it may seem sick he craved for those times when he would be able to see him again, only for his hopes to be crushed with the fact that Elliot was as straight as a pole, but now the homophobic bully is supposedly gay.  Would you trust your Ex-love/bully?
Meanwhile Elliot was...confused. He knows he’s not gay, not even remotely attracted to males in any way but in every way he liked girls. That was until he opened the door to a certain dark haired dark eyed wolf one day. And from that moment on, his whole world flipped round and he became...Mark sexual.

Not to mention Zeke and Zack, ex boyfriends and new mates as well as Caleb's new love story ;)

Cover By Shax_Panda

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thegoddessofstuff thegoddessofstuff Jul 27, 2016
The only thing I could think of when I saw the book cover was, wow, his shirt is really stretchy...
xXBrokenRecordXx xXBrokenRecordXx Mar 15, 2014
@Our5BoysAre1Derful hopefully, I plan on finishing my demon mate, relax then this
bandsaremylife1714 bandsaremylife1714 Mar 15, 2014
i hope you start writing this soon!! this like killed me & im excited for more!! (:
nnnnnn610 nnnnnn610 Feb 10, 2014
please update please i beggg youuuuuu i love this storyyyy <3
TarnishedSilver TarnishedSilver Nov 11, 2013
so this was the blackmailing that happened in my secret mate!!!!!!!!!!!
hnub101 hnub101 Nov 02, 2013
Elliot is so sexy. I know he was a bully and all. But now he just oozes smexiness. I know Mark isn't going to last long with Elliot being so sweet and sexy. Ahhhhh!!!! Can't wait for more!