Taming Klaus

Taming Klaus

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R I N A By RinaPov Updated Oct 27, 2014

"The sad truth about love is when it's destructive."

Klaus, being his usual hybrid self, suddenly encounters a teenage girl named Lisa Mourad. She is mysteriously immune to vampire compulsion and is completely unaware of it. 

There is something unique about Lisa that will change the fate of everyone around her- especially as the word 'monster' gets tossed around notoriously- Lisa will soon discover the truth about the supernatural world. 

But it doesn't matter what goes bump in the night- the real monsters are within us.

{The Originals/ The Vampire Diaries Fanfic 2014}

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I know this is kind of off topic but it's spelled "Mikaelson" and not "Michaelson." Misspelling The Mikaelsons names is like a big pet peeve for me lol
- - Jan 05
I used to hate this song when I had a good taste of music but NOW I love it
VoidDamon24 VoidDamon24 Dec 29, 2015
judging from all the Mikaelson comments I'm gonna have to say........Mikaelson
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Dec 15, 2015
NUTELLA + KLAUS?! Give me directions. Sign me up. Make me her! Anything.
                              *looks around Awkwardly as she calms down after her FANGIRL MOMENTS WITH THE WRITER!*
stargazingstyles stargazingstyles Oct 19, 2015
okay guys i think the author gets it now
                              it's mikaelson not michaelson
LadyPadfoot LadyPadfoot Aug 27, 2015
The overwhelming amount of "Mikaelson" comments is just hilarious.