No! Bad PuppyShifter?

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Kash By TheCryingWolf Updated 5 months ago
    This story is going through major changes and may be taken done or put on hitaus. I'm deciding if I should redo this whole book or not. Please note these changes as I made this book when I was a horrible grammar student. I'm not excellent, but I try. So very sorry if some of the chapters have missing parts or just missing one whole entire chapter.
    "I'm a PuppyShifter." 
    "What the hell is a PuppyShifter?!" 
    Kash knew she was weird being a werewolf and living in a werewolf pack and all. That was until it got even weirder than werewolves.  
    Book Made in 2014  
    Werewolf #
    Humor #
what is going on? and why do the authors always call us names of endearment? it kind of freaky.
How about one of my characters? Allen? Rin? Ellmra? Look in my books.
how is she 10? if she could walk and talk wouldn't she be around 2 when she got the dog?
huh I wish it was that easy..... btw love ur  stories  :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)