Heart of the Rejected

Heart of the Rejected

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Aimee White By xMorgenstern_ Updated Dec 28, 2017

"Uh, can I help you?" I ask as Damon just stares while pressed tightly against me, his hands on the wall beside both sides of my face. 

He leans his head forward until his face is pressed into my hair, then inhales. 

"What the hell are you doing?" I ask as he moves my hair out of the way. 

He leans forward and whispers in my ear, "Just making sure you know that you're mine. You will always be mine, and nothing can change that. Not Gage, not your brother, your pack or that lovesick best friend of yours. Nothing."

"I don't belong to anyone," I whisper breathlessly.

Damon chuckles lightly in my ear. "Oh, I can't wait to change your mind."

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Jade Duchannes was fifteen when she found her mate. She's ecstatic, but Gage doesn't share the excitement. He rejects Jade and marries someone else. Unable to stand it, she leaves and becomes rouge. 

Five years later, she's a very powerful rouge alpha. She gets a special message from the new alpha of her old pack, requesting help with another Alpha. 

She returns, and her rejector now wants her. But he has some competition now. Because Jade has gotten a rare, but not unheard of, second chance mate. And if that wasn't enough, her best friend Mason also has feelings for her.

 With secrets rising to the surface, a war brewing, and three different guys she has feelings for, she has alot on her plate.

Will she forgive the one from her past, or forge a new future? In the end, who will win the heart of the rejected?

Start: 1/20/17

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TheresiaFrida TheresiaFrida Jun 13, 2018
15 Duh. You still in metamorphosis phase. This guy doesn't deserve you when you turns into pretty butterfly 😙
HoranKN HoranKN Oct 15, 2017
Ayyye this story was started on the day of my birthday! 😂 Pretty soon our birthdays are coming up lok
WillowsWhisper1013 WillowsWhisper1013 Feb 19, 2018
Its the first chapter and im hooked! And might I just say I love Jade's wolf's name. And not because my name is Yasmine. :)
everlasting341 everlasting341 Nov 18, 2017