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David Court By FoldsFive Updated Dec 27, 2016

The Concordance; An intergalactic alliance of worlds and species, spreading peace and enlightenment through the dark corners of space. To be a part of it brings protection, stability and wealth. To refuse membership or to be expelled from it, brings the indignity of being declared Recreant.

It is a carefully balanced system that, in its lengthy history, has never failed.

However, this tentative harmony finds itself threatened from without and within. Fragile alliances find themselves weaken to breaking point as an unknown and unseen enemy strikes without apparent motive, reason or warning. Against this backdrop of political turmoil, there are those who seek to exploit the situation for their own Machiavellian ends. 

From this chaos an army will be born - six unique troops, engineered for the sole purpose to fight in a unique conflict. Soldiers born of and representing the best qualities of the Concordance, thrust into a war for its very survival.

A war that, they will quickly learn, cannot be won.