Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All

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Please read Love & Arrows before reading this book as this is the sequel.

	Yvanna Wayland is now married to her best friend and longtime crush - Alec Lightwood, who is also her brother's parabatai. Speaking of her brother, he is no longer staying at the New York Institute. Why? He left with Valentine to protect his sister and the family and friends he loves. Although Yvanna is angry, she has no choice but to accept her brother's decision.

	She's angry because of her brother's betrayal and of his broken promise. The promise of never leaving one another, but Jace had to do it for her safety. As Yvanna is trying to enjoy her married life with Alec without her brother by her side, she also tries to be civil with her estranged mother and sister - Jocelyn and Clary Fairchild.

	Yes, the same Clary Fairchild she loathed weeks before when she first arrived at the Institute. Nothing was ever the same once the daughter of Valentine Morgenstern - their enemy, step foot in the Institute. Although she's learning the ropes of being a Shadowhunter, she tries to make it up to her older sister while trying to reunite with her mother. 

	Alec is trying so hard to live life with his parabatai but he knows Jace is out there due to their bond. Vivian wants to reconcile and mend her relationship with the High Warlock of Brooklyn - Magnus Bane, but is conflicted with her life as a Shadowhunter and a Shadowhunter with a mundane disease. Can she live life to the fullest?

	Yvanna - with the help of the Lightwoods, will do everything she can to bring her brother back safe and sound. But what is safe and sound if the Clave wants Jace brought to them for siding with Valentine? Can Yvanna prove her brother's innocence or let him fall into the Clave's unmerciful hands? Can she forget her father's teachings about love and prove that love does not destroy? 

	Can she prove that love conquers all when she once thought that love destroys everything?

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