Big Red Monster

Big Red Monster

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Crystal S. Kauffman: Freelance Writer Extraordinaire By CrystalKauffman Updated Oct 28, 2013

After school, I jumped off the yellow school bus and raced my brother home. I couldn't wait to go see the "Big Red Monster" sitting in grandpa's garage..

"The racecar is almost ready" stated Papa.

My granddad and my uncle were sitting at the table enjoying a cup of coffee, as I raced off to change my clothes. I ran out the front door and headed to the garage, as they followed me. As I turned the corner, I saw the scary monster looking at me, but it was different somehow. The sun was gleaming off the newly painted red monster and I noticed the number thirteen.

I heard my grandpa say, "I think it's ready to test, but first we must put the tires back on."

The air compressor began running, while the impact wrench whined with each tire my uncle mounted.

Suddenly, My grandpa asked," Would you like to help push the race car into the street?"

"Yes!" I shouted with excitement!

For months, I watched as they built this racecar from four tires and a large car frame. My heart began to race, ...