The Awakening (Sequel To Unlikely Love)

The Awakening (Sequel To Unlikely Love)

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Sequel to Unlikely Love. Might want to read it first otherwise you might get lost.

Bella has finally awoke from three months in the darkness that consumed her after their fight with the Quillette Pack. When she awakes she notices that things have changed since she's been asleep.

For one Jacob has found his mate and happily married. Rosalie has started to go back to her Ice Queen title. Lastly they want her to lead the Volturi.

She has awoken to vampires trying to take over the world and kill all of the humans.Since they went against the Volturi and successfully succeeded in taking them down, nobody has had control over the vampires. Without a leader things go crazy, and when things go crazy they have to be stopped.

Bella and Rosalie are the most powerful known mated couple there is out there and the legend says so. Will Bella who has just awoken and wants to be left alone with her fiance for just alittle while be able to lead the vampire race. Will Rosalie be able to handle putting Bella in the line of fire once again and possibly losing her for good?

Anything can happen so read to find out if the world is taken over by vampires or if Bella can handle the great responsibility that she is handed.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or the character's in this story. Wait I own some of them but mostly not. This is a GxG book so you have been warned.

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