ONLY The Fandom Stuff

ONLY The Fandom Stuff

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Before reading, be sure to agree with the following terms and conditions:
[ ] I accept to follow the motto "Fandom before blood"

About this AMAZHANG story: Just a book filled of laughter, feels, mind-blowing rubbish and all those wibbly wobbly timey whimey things you don't see everyday because muggles are boring.

WARNING: This book has SPOILERSSSSSS. So if, lets say, you haven't finished the Divergent trilogy, well then I very much recomend you NOT TO READ that section of the chapter! (Yes, my chapters are divided into sections for the safety of your spoiled-free eyes).

If you are wondering, yes, this book includes whatever fandom you're thinking  of. No, not that fandomless fandom, no, you're alone there, cousin, sorry. I'm so sorry.

Some specific fandoms: TMR, THG, HP, PJO, HOO, DW, TMI, TID, TFIOS, Divergent and loads more!!
Also, if you DO NOT want to experience 14 chapters of ONLY The Hunger Games stuff then go ahead and skip 14 chapter to the one after the one called "BIG FANDOM NEWS."

Read this story if you are ready to: 

- sob
- roll on the ground
- get weird looks from across the room
- make weird dying seal noises
- throw the computer across the room
- laugh your soul out
-did I mention die?

CREDIT to all people who own these jokes (NONE OF THE JOKES ARE MINE. Only some) Brilliant cover by: @PastelPixies.
May the gods be ever in your favor....

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I-Ship-Memes I-Ship-Memes Oct 14, 2017
I just realized everyones death was from or because of katniss
AlmasaQalam AlmasaQalam Oct 02, 2017
I LOVE TMR, THG, PJO, HOO and have started TMI. I want to read The Fault In Our Stars and The Divergent Series and The Infernal Devices.
AlmasaQalam AlmasaQalam Oct 02, 2017
I know I will sound really weird but I really REALLY want to go to the Glade from The Maze Runner.
AlmasaQalam AlmasaQalam Oct 02, 2017
I accept. Fandom before blood. (You know literally I've got a small cut and it's bleeding. What a coincidence.)
_John__Laurens_ _John__Laurens_ Oct 27, 2017
I saw this happen and the cashier yelled back THAT IS MAHOGANY
AlmasaQalam AlmasaQalam Oct 02, 2017
OH MY GOODNESS. I've seen this somewhere but it still has me mindblown