Karkat x Reader x Sober Gamzee

Karkat x Reader x Sober Gamzee

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Zoe By 12yearsofme Updated Oct 30, 2013

     You quickly open your (e/c) eyes to find yourself with a rag around your mouth, preventing you from making noise. You look around you, and you are in a basically empty room, no windows, just a light on the ceiling and a pole in the middle you're apparently chained to. You suddenly realize your situation and see that you are chained my your ankle to the pole, and start thrashing and muffling screams. They door slowly opens, and you see a silhouette standing right outside. You can tell it's another troll, with the long, curving goat ho- wait...

     "HeY mOtHeRfUcKeR," You are greeted by a familiar tone of voice... Deep and strong, yet raspy from drugs, "YoU fUcKiN wOkE uP. bOuT tImE." You're sure now... this is Gamzee.

     And just as you thought, Gamzee walks forward a bit into the light so you can now see his face. It's... different, though. He has three long scratches along his face, the purple-shaded blood has started to scab. It's recent though. "(y/n)SiS, i'Ve BeEn WaItInG...

That's casual...
                              "Does this rag smell like chlorophoam to you"
ArielManta ArielManta Oct 14
"Does this rag smell like chlorophoam to you?" No, it smells like chocolate.
my books and my Wattpad fanfics xD and food of course. karkat too. he is just too cute😜
....with the long curving goat ho- wait ((HaHaHaHaHahahahahhahahahahha that cracks me up
Omg I'm listening to the song "Little Clown" while reading this it's only making it better!! XD
karkat I know your feels when talking about your flush-crush. that's like my LIFE.