Bound: Toxic Love (Book 2)

Bound: Toxic Love (Book 2)

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"Shh... Just a little bit more," I told her, unable to separate my lips from hers. A smile appeared on her lips as she straightened taller on her tip toes. It had been days since I last had her in my arms. I wasn't letting go just like that. I had this girl; a woman that had me enchanted for all I knew.. Dark brown hair, and green eyes that seemed to be grabbing my soul whenever they looked back in mine. 

  With this girl, the electricity I needed to jump start my heart never stopped. Because, this woman... She was always a mystery to me. No matter how much time I spent with her, she was something new. Something different. Pure, raw, untouched. Each of her words were precious, her laughter -- a remedy, and the feel of her body was what healed me.

  I saw wildness in her eyes, yet felt gentle passion under her fingers. A heart of flame, a soul that played like mine. I felt those sparks under her every touch, and held her closer each time, knowing that I may not feel it in days, knowing that every minute with this girl was legendary. Knowing that it might be taken away from me..

  And just that one kiss was more addictive than any drug known to man. Dear Lord, I couldn't fight against the thoughts that were going through me. Her smell was flooding my senses now... Blurring my head, and tearing me apart with the simple fact that I was letting her go again. Not again..

  Lana.. My sin. The girl that had me under her spell, and the one I was ready to die for. The daughter of the Morphers, and on the side of my darkest enemies. The love I vowed to keep safe and risk my life for.. Once again, walking away. 

  And I... I was a fool in love. For them, just another creature of the night. I was the opposition. One of the leaders, yet unable to keep away from our very enemy. The gracious Lana. The fearless princess. The one I was supposed to kill, not cherish and adore. 

  But it was the hunger that brought us together, and the feast that brings us back.