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The Stars family has become the talk of the town. All in Astropia are talking about this family that just moved here. Now you would be wondering what's so special about them. They are just a normal family of six, one couple in their mid-thirties and their four kids.

Let me tell what's special. First, They are the richest family in the town or maybe the whole country. Second, They are the  descendants of one of the founders of the town, known as The Oracle. Third, The Castle on the top will have it's owner back after maybe three to four generation later. People obviously will be surprised and probably would be thinking why the Stars family came now.  What's their motive? Where were they before? and many others.

How do I know, well it's because I am the part of the family, the youngest member of the family and I can see people whispering about us about the questions that will remain unanswered or even even they get an answer it will be fake, untrue. Why? Because no one should know the truth about us that's what  really special about us and others can't know is that we are not like them, we are not humans, we are STARS, THE REAL ONES and we are here on a MISSION.

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the happiest day of my life...purple, a female and saggitarius
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Dec 27, 2016
Andromeda (i hope I spelled that right) kind of looks like Belle you know from Beauty and The Beast.
smsmya smsmya Dec 29, 2016
I'm really enjoying this story already, can't wait for the next chapter
MerMaxwell1703 MerMaxwell1703 Dec 27, 2016
Kittys everywhere!!!! First Gemini IS a kitty and now Libra has a kitty by him!!! KITTY FRIENDS!!!
MerMaxwell1703 MerMaxwell1703 Dec 27, 2016
*claps loudly and squeals* !!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!! I can not wait to see who they are waiting to see!!! I need to see some new ships!!!👍👍👍👍👍
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Dec 27, 2016
Oooo Thats A Cool Picture. 
                              (I wish wore glasses tho but meh).