I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Will my Secret Get Out?? Lucia && Rickson

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Luke Snowater is a chapion Motorcross rider with a deep dark secret... he is REALLY a girl!  Lucia Somers is a minor Supermodel that is leading a double life... As Luke, with the help of Katelyn and her brother Jace she is able to compete in compertitions with out suspetion from the other competitors... that was Until her life got complex when a Sexy Motorcross rider by the name of Rickson comes tumberling into her already complex life... her name's Lucia and she is pretending to be a guy... will her secret get out??
how in the world did this come up when i only searched #magic #ninja??? Not that I'm complaining though this looks promising, after all some of the best things in history were made by mistake...
you made me remind of the show i saw on Disney... Motorcrossed. :) is something like the story... girl pretend to be a guy to join bike competition.... :)
Do you actually know a guy named Ricky cooper? Cause if you do that's awesome cause I know a guy named Ricky cooper I just thought that was kind of cool when I saw his name so.
Awesome story! Although, some of the grammar mistakes are a little distracting. But overall, great chapter!! :)
I really love your story :D but kind tip use show not tell it would enhance you story so much :) but love the story any way :)
Wow. You've really got me caught. Can't wait to read more. Sounds like a brilliant book.