Start off Fresh (Glee)

Start off Fresh (Glee)

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CMPunkIsAmazeballz By CMPunkIsAmazeballz Completed

Emily-Grace Madison starts at a new school called William McKinley High School. This is the place where she meets her first love. She also meets a family member that she thought she would never see. Will she make amends with this family member or will she not? Will her and her true love end well or not?



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Assassin_Cut_Throat Assassin_Cut_Throat Aug 09, 2017
I prefer American dream and Thank You but still a good choice
AnimooOtaku AnimooOtaku Jan 30
BLAINE SAM AND ARTIEEEEEEEEE *Kurt and Blaine are goals* <333
skeletalwolfcat skeletalwolfcat Dec 28, 2017
At first I thought islt said letterman and I was so confused on all the Jake conments
kaesadee kaesadee Jan 31
Reading this after Mark Salling killed himself )): rip noah puckerman
ThatOneWeirdo640 ThatOneWeirdo640 Dec 29, 2017
"Which I was totally winning" *finds clip of Santana saying 'thats how we do it in lima hights'
MaddieLovegood MaddieLovegood May 19, 2017
Jakes sister?!!?? Remember when she said Puckerman was familiar?!??