The Summer I won't forget

The Summer I won't forget

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ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴇ ɴ By Campervangirl2000 Completed

It only takes a week for 16 year old Hazel Robinson to feel like her life has taken a turn for the worst, which is only natural as everyone else in her house seems to feel the same way. Although she starts to feel better when her Dad announces that he wants to take them all on holiday with the little money he has left to the Isle of Wight to stay with the Fosters for two months. Hazel (known as Haze or Hazelnut by a certain Daniel Foster) and her family used to visit the Fosters every summer, except when she was 14 they visited for what seemed like the last time when her father got a promotion and could afford holidays abroad. Daniel Foster (known as Dan) is the sixteen year old that remembers the summers he spent with Hazel very well as if it were yesterday, he also remembers the small crush he had on her when he was 14... Hazel thinks that this is going to be the best summer ever. Well it will be...right? Well nothings perfect. Join Hazel and Daniel as they go through tears, friendship, confessions, surprises and most importantly falling in love in a Summer neither of them will ever forget...

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Cover: @alyssawatson99

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darcyx_xrose darcyx_xrose Jul 11, 2014
OMG I go there everytime I go back to the Uk from New Zealand x
CloudySam CloudySam Apr 22, 2014
yeah you should get an instagram.....i would love to follow you and maybe on snapchat or have done SUCH A GOOD JOB writing this book!!! donnt give up!!!
Campervangirl2000 Campervangirl2000 Jan 19, 2014
@forevrndalways really? That's funny, I picked right then? :)
forevrndalways forevrndalways Jan 19, 2014
i jus gotta add... i pictured ollie as taylor lautner, and i didnt even see the cast :p
Goodbooksarehere Goodbooksarehere Dec 14, 2013
I want to friend you on snapchat so I can tell you comments without the whole world knowing. Can you message me on my board or privately if you don't want to give it to me I am perfectly okay with that Just remember you are amazing.
Campervangirl2000 Campervangirl2000 Dec 13, 2013
I have snapchat yeah, but can I ask you why first? Oh and thanks it means a lot @Goodbooksarehere