The Werewolf Army Brat

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LaughingTears By LaughingTears Updated 4 years ago
Nikki's life had always been normal; her being a werewolf hadn't had an effect. At least it hadn't until Nikki's grandma gets custody of her and is very upset with her upbringing. In an attempt to make her more of a werewolf, her grandma sends her to James Wood, a military boarding school. 
    Nikki soon realizes that she knows nothing of herself, and as things become clearer and clearer she discovers that her very speices may be in danger. Nikki faces betrayal, love, pain, humiliation, and raw determination.  James Wood may just turn her into a wolf after all.
ha ha ha my names victoria lol anywho i like this its not the same wolf story its intertesting :P
I really like this and can't wait for more. I'll become a fan. 
I love this idea very much and i'm going on to the next chapter. 
EEEEEEEP!!!!!!!! PLEAAAAAAAAAASE CONTINUE!!! ... I seriously love this!! Pleaaaaaase!!! .. heh. It would mean like the world to me if you would upload soooooon!!!!!!!!!!!
OO: .. Okay, well I am in love with this story so far, & yes I do believe you should continue! It's very well written& you write beautifully . Please please pleaaaase continue this story. it would mean A LOT. 
                                    Lots o love.
I like it and not only because my name is Nikki, lol it's really good!