New Beginnings (2) [Klaroline] [FINISHED]

New Beginnings (2) [Klaroline] [FINISHED]

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It's been five years since Caroline Forbes faced Silas and removed the immortality spell with help from the witches, who placed the spell on Caroline instead. When Caroline woke up after the fight with no memory of what happened to her, she left Mystic Falls, leaving nothing but a goodbye note. In Greece she meets a woman, who asks for her help to take down a powerful vampire and Caroline reluctantly agrees. Soon she finds herself at war with a man, who knows her better than she had ever imagined anyone could.     


[Sequel to "Hell is loose"]
Winner of Best Ship Fic in the TVD Fanfiction Awards 2016

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svqhie svqhie May 09, 2017
I just found this too funny not to share but my friends sister said "are people from Denmark , Denmarkian?"😂 she's 16 lmao
Cheeraholic2015 Cheeraholic2015 Sep 10, 2015
I was promised Klaus....the tags SAW KLAUS!!! Klaus is bae peeps, mark my words.
Lyla_Rose23 Lyla_Rose23 Jul 23, 2015
I think you spelled his name wrong its not M-A-R-T-I-N its K-L-A-U-S, silly!
overcasthero overcasthero Feb 28, 2015
in the comment section they're freaking out and I'm just like "oh cool"
CourtneyHardacre CourtneyHardacre Jan 18, 2015
Who the hell is Martin. There's no Martin. Kinda freaking out now!! 
sssharppo sssharppo Aug 15, 2014
How can anyone go FIVE FLIPPING YEARS without Klaus!? Like what?!