Mine is all he said

Mine is all he said

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dakotahbrown By dakotahbrown Updated Aug 12, 2016

Dana Oliver long blonde wavy hair, green eyes, tall, pale, skinny, some what of curves, creative, strong headed, independent, sarcastic, human. Everything was okay in her world her parents didn't fight she mostly got along with her brother some close friends   

                                                                                                             Kevon Channing pitch black hair styled in a tossed look, brown eyes, tall, tan, skinny, muscular, strong headed, independent, sarcastic, possessive, wolf. He had been trying to find his mate he needed her, his mom died a few years ago his dad has always tried to be there and always was has no siblings has many close friends soon to be Alpha                                                                                        

What happens when Kevon and his whole pack moves schools and he runs into his mate? Will he try to get her to understand or just take her away? Will she understand and stand by his side or turn and run? Read to find out.

(I'll add pictures of the boys, however I won't do that for the main girl Dana. I'd like for you all to be able put yourself in there instead if you'd like.)

This is really interesting! Did anyone else laugh or was it just me?
princessirviana princessirviana Jul 19, 2016
Why are them girls in the bathroom talking .I am playing the song what do you mean by my baby daddy Justin Bieber gasses.🐣🐽🐤🐤🐥🐣🐽🐤🐥🐥😭🐣🐽🐤🐥🐽🐤🐥🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐣🐤🐣🐤🐥😎😎😎😎😎
Sploot- Sploot- May 31, 2014
I really like it but it's hard to read... The sentences don't have any "." or "," or something... Good story tho
kelsey44 kelsey44 Apr 28, 2014
Yeah, I think that it would be very interesting to see his P.O.V  :)
bertaah bertaah Feb 06, 2014
OMG what's goin on for her like she should feel good that he blew of that girl ( the slut ) but nooo she ignores him and runs away -.- churpz
that little....it's gonna be a great book! please update!!!!