The orphanage- solangelo

The orphanage- solangelo

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Sunny By The_sunniest_angels Updated Jul 30, 2017

Nico use to be best friends with Will. That is, until they moved. Until Nico's mom and sister died. Nico's father left when he was born, so he was alone now. He goes to an orphanage, where he made a friend name Percy, who is only five years old. Percy's sure to be adopted soon, and Nico will miss him when he is. 

Unfortunately, also at the orphanage is Octavian the homophobe. 

When Will moves into Nico's town, what will happen? Will they even remember that they used to be best friends?

Read to find out.

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This is literally the sweetest thing I've ever heard *wipes eyes*
Correction because there jealous of our gayness and fabulousness and they are fûcking idiots
random-kid-alex random-kid-alex Jul 21, 2017
I'm litrally just binge reading your fics and when I saw this one I'm just like "This looks interesting!" I read the prologue and I realized it was baby Percy...*le gasp* IVE READ THIS ONE ALREADY BUT I MUST READ IT AGAIN FOR BABY PERCY IS PRECIOUS
Rocca99966 Rocca99966 Mar 10
Sally raised or will raise him well good job Percy 💙 persassus strikes again little Percy is so cute
Answer to everything 
                              Afraid of the dark punch it
                              Don't like ice cream punch it
                              Don't like sexism punch it
Snipeasmores Snipeasmores May 31, 2017
I haven't even started reading and I'm crying. (Not really.) The orphanage...I establish the first private orphanage in New York City. HAMILTON FEELS.