The Alpha's Reject

The Alpha's Reject

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Hushedsecrets By Hushedsecrets Updated Aug 26, 2012

Ever since Ryder Hutcherson's thirteenth birthday, she's been the Dark Moon pack's weakest link. Which is something highly frowned upon, especially when it's the strongest and most feared pack in all of North America.

Ryder wasn't much of a looker or anything else, so when Carter Greenwood, future Alpha and her mate, rejects her, it doesn't come as much of a surprise.  However Ryder runs away, not wanting to burden anyone else anymore.  While she's gone the pack slowly crumbles, missing its true Alpha Female.

Three years later she's back but sweet innocent little Ryder is gone, and in her place, the dangerous, feared, she-wolf of the Full Crescent Pack.  The new most feared and strongest pack in all of North America.  And she has one not so tiny secret too, 

She's their Alpha.

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ZuyyinIzza ZuyyinIzza May 19, 2015
I know it's just a story. But don't these rejects realise that even though they are wolfs, the are still protected by child protection laws
ercilia ercilia Jul 22, 2014
I see you stop writing I hope everything is ok I will keep the book till you finish and thanks for intertwining us with your awesomeness
eating_food eating_food Jan 07, 2014
Continue this book, it's amazing!!!! Please update I love this book!!!! Thanks ^_^xoxo
NikitaBeagley NikitaBeagley Jan 02, 2014
I love this story are u going to update??! It would be amazing if u did :)
darkmist47 darkmist47 Sep 17, 2013
are you even still alive or still using wattpad because i have been waiting forever for an update
foxy_fearless foxy_fearless Aug 09, 2013
I love ur story u are a genius pls update
                              Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top