A weakness for sweet things ;) PRUCAN MPREG

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Ella By mrs_preciado_ella Updated a year ago
Gilbert and Matthew are as happy as can be but one day something strange happens leaving both nations stunned WITH EXCITEMENT !   " you make me worried but I'm too awesome to worry, but I guess I have a weakness for sweet things" ~Gilbert <3
Well, it's not like Gil's dic is going to come anywhere near the baby...
*blows bubbles like how Patrick did on Spongebob* I'm sick too ;-;
*spartan voice* THIS. IS. YAOIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! *pushs random guy into a well*
Mh! Never thought of it like that...-.-  THUMBS UP FOR YOU!!!
I'm trying to take this seriously (it's pretty awesome) but the wording just kills me
I'm thinking of mattie being chubby and saying "I have a little tummy person! hi tummy person what's your name?" and his tummy giggles XD TEEN TITANS GO!