my bully Harry styles

my bully Harry styles

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_karinamunguia By _karinamunguia Updated Jan 22, 2017

This is me I hate my life because I get bullied and I hate it I get my razor out sometimes because it's better than the pain they give me.  I started cutting when I was in the sixth grade. And now look at me I have to use makeup to cover them. Sometimes I wish I was never born.

"Wake up you're late wake up you're late," my alarm clock said in a robot voice.

Shit shit shit shit shit. I got ready as fast as  possible and got on the bus just in time.

"Hey Karina," a deep voice called.

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itsasignofthetimes itsasignofthetimes Jul 10, 2017
hAhaHahahaha wowwwwzerzzz Horton you are so original and funny HhahHhahahah way to win a girls heart just pour some g o o over her2!1!1!1!!1!1
harrythefookinfrog harrythefookinfrog Dec 07, 2017
All of you are saying me but no one else can relate to this as much as I can
vanellabernice vanellabernice Dec 08, 2016
I cant continue reading,,,,but i want to,,,so i am gunna read
JocelynxStyles94 JocelynxStyles94 May 25, 2016
"Only like 12"
                              If this book has smut just in case....
                              I more than gladly brought the Holy water for all of our souls(You need Jesus)
Ashley_2405 Ashley_2405 Aug 11, 2015
great book but put where they are in the settings cuz sometime I think they are in the bus and in the house or so on
JumperTime1D JumperTime1D Jan 06, 2015
well.......... i think its gonna be interesting
                              cant wait to read chapt one.........
                              im gonna read it right now