Percy Jackson : Bad boy in High School (AU) DEAD STORY

Percy Jackson : Bad boy in High School (AU) DEAD STORY

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Cather Blanca By rainbowsandmurder Completed

"Percy, Truth or Dare?" Piper said.
"Uh... Dare?" I said.
"I dare you to act, be and feel like like a bad boy in school for the whole year." 

All of them thought it was funny. Be like that for the whole year? Be like the boss and the hearthrob of the school? Be the one in black leather jacket, aviator glasses and boots? It's like you're asking me to tear up my dignity.

"C'mon Percy. Imagine how you'll look." Hazel teased.
"*sniffle* How nice of Piper." Connor said.
"Guys," Jason cut. "Tomorrow is the first day of school. If Percy is--"
"We know right. But... how will we convince him?" Frank asked.
"HECATE!" Hazel and Reyna said, in unison. 
"I can also charmspeak!" Piper interrupted.
"Reyna?" Hazel questioned.
"Yeah?" Reyna replied.
"Hecate has that potion right?"
"Yes, she has. The bad boy potion."
"And I'm supposed to drink that?" I startled. It was all against my will.
"Let's get the potion first." Annabeth insisted.

Hazel and Reyna stood up and walked then they vanished. After the next minute, They came back with a blood colored potion.

"Hecate said this will make it work when you wake up tomorrow." Hazel said.

They made me drink the potion. It made me a little tipsy, but, the hallucinations subsided to a stop.

After that, everyone went to their rooms and slept. Wonder what I'll be tomorrow....

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any characters, I do own the plot! :3

EDIT: No more sequel sorry i lost the will to write it

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