funny shiiza

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Raynn By mydarkesthaven Updated 2 years ago
this is the funniest shiz you will ever read, at least when GOTD is here. me,mdh, my sister, mb4u, bestfriend, GOTD, and other people write this stuff from the goodness of our hearts to make you laugh. so sit back, relax and laugh!!!
okay..... just re-read it and re-lived the crazy lolness that is you guys! wooooo!
ummmmmm..... wtf? nono its wtff no its wtf and boobies are amazing
-_-..........>.>  <.<    okay. nobody around. HOLY MOTHER F@%*!NG $#!+ IS THAT FUNNY!!!!!1
Mother of God! You forgot the purple potatoes. That eat orange cookies on the green beach. :O Help! Help! The do-do... not poo do-do... it may be spelt doe-doe, idk/c is trying to eat me.  tARs
i don't have any thing against bitchy preps unless they have a thing against me.
                                    ?:P HAIR!!!!!!
OMG!!! *acts like a bitch prep chic and loudly chomps gum* it like! so amazing!
                                    *sigh* don't you just love me? and i know you know who i am! don't deny it!