The Richmond Haunting

The Richmond Haunting

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The horror began with icy chills: displacement of personal belongings, voices speaking in empty rooms. 

Then, Fiona begins to suffer from blackouts, medical experts cannot explain. And twelve-year-old Harmony is threatened by the appearance of a creepy demonic old man, who floats in her bedroom.

 Believing their home might be haunted. Fiona and Steven seek help to battle the entities that have invaded their lives.

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  • demonic
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  • scary
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- - Apr 11, 2018
Steven is busy dreaming about being King in his own Dark Universe. (Couldn't help myself lol)
fiercegoddness fiercegoddness Mar 06, 2018
Ok this is the part where I have a heart attack or fake one😖
PennyZee PennyZee Jul 04, 2016
Interesting chapter. There's a lot going on with packing, movers, and kids arguing.
ajdyer68 ajdyer68 Jun 17, 2016
Not a bad story, but it was a little short. There needs to be some kind of conflict. I enjoyed reading it though.
deejaybee deejaybee Mar 15, 2015
Hi big bro, as you can see I've started reading this again. I like the changes that you've made to it. The whole thing reads through a lot smoother now. Looking forward to the next chapter and I'm definitely voting. :o)
ThatCharlotte ThatCharlotte Aug 25, 2018
Not good looking or ugly? 
                              That's just a nice way of calling someone unattractive, my friend.
                              Totally kidding!
                              I'll try to leave a more thoughtful comment once I'm finished with this chapter.