A Pokemon Fairy Tale

A Pokemon Fairy Tale

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Esme - Teagan By Dfly17 Updated 7 days ago

Once a upon a time......... 

That's not how their story starts. 

Misty has two horrible sisters, Leaf always keeps her green cape close, Dawn has very long hair and May does sleep a lot. But there are certain witches on their heels, to claim their revenge for what happened years ago. 

This is when true love must prevail! 

Will they all get their happily ever after? 

Or is there a twist in the tale? 

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon 

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oho so Misty's story is loosely based off Cinderellas? It's different of course but it has some similarities.
I think the story is pretty good so far. I'm enjoying it. Am i the only one who actually reads author notes though? xD
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                              Just....... wow
                              That was...
ChocoCakez ChocoCakez Feb 17
Finally I have time to sit down and read stories. I can't believe I missed out on this because I love it so much so far! Keep it up 😊