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Tijan By TijansBooks Updated Oct 27, 2013


My brother was buried today.

I was standing in the back of the church. There was a special word for it, but we rarely went so I didn't know. I didn't care either. It was where I stood. People came and said their goodbyes. Angie and Marissa had sat beside me. They were good friends. I suppose. Angie's family came to the funeral. Her mom hugged me, patted me on the head, and then they left. Justin was there too. He was Angie's boyfriend, but he sat in the back with his friends. He took her hand now and led the way to his truck.

I watched from the church as she bent forward once they got inside his truck. Her shoulders were shaking so I knew she was crying. He moved over to comfort her. Then I looked to the left where Marissa had parked. She was watching them too, but she wasn't alone. The new boyfriend came over and kissed the back of her neck. They got into her car and drove off while Angie was still crying in Justin's car.

It struck me as odd.

Angie was crying...