The Bad Boy and The Fat Girl

The Bad Boy and The Fat Girl

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Ivonne By xIvonnex Updated Jun 29, 2015

Prologue ~~


"NEVER!! DON'T MAKE ME GO! TELL MY PARENTS I TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE! TELL THEM WE CRASHED INTO A ISLAND WHERE SOME CANNIBALS MADE ME THEIR QUEEN! FAKE MY FREAKING DEATH BUT DON'T MAKE ME GO ROBERT!!" I tighten my grip on the leather chair of the plane like if my life depended on it and Robert groaned in frustration, tugging on my legs harder. I know what you're thinking, 'What the hell is a 17 year old girl doing on a plane, not letting go of her chair while her bodyguard is about to rip her legs off her body because just won't freaking let go and keeps screaming bloody murder ?' well, let me just shed some light on this situation.

My name is Remy Jones, daughter of Jackson and Clarissa Jones. I'm 17 years old with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, with light freckles on my cheeks. Did I forget to mention that I'm 254 pounds overweight? Well, then it shouldn't be a surprise that now my freaking parents are sending me to a fat camp for my whole summer.

Camp G...

Cocoa_Crazy Cocoa_Crazy Sep 04, 2016
I still don'tgef how fat people pick on fat people??? Like your ghe same sizeas me hoe
Giraffe_Girl16 Giraffe_Girl16 5 days ago
I love this book already!!! Remy is so funny 😂😂😂😂
HufflepuffIsLife HufflepuffIsLife Mar 27, 2016
Sometimes i think i can be in the Olympics but then i think, mmm, better not
Kuraeh Kuraeh Sep 30, 2016
Well, from d way I see it, there's a 12% chance you'll come out sane from the hellhole. That is, if u ever do come out
That reminds me of Dean Winchester when he pretended to be a gym teacher!!😂😂😂
britishkidd britishkidd Aug 12, 2016
Well some of the greatest trainers get caught up on the way there because of the journey of life(Kakashi). Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke had a teacher that was always late and they became some bomb ass ninja so I think this is a sign. ☺