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Exclusively Mine

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Neilani Alejandrino By sweetdreamer33 Completed

[Petrakis Series]

When a good boy turned BAD.

FINN MARTINS returned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after ten years with a sole purpose, to collect a debt from an enemy, who ruined his life and his family. 

He came back as a different man. The poor, sweet, handsome good boy became an extremely rich, dashing, tough and a ruthless man. He changed his name, identity, heritage and looks. He became MARKOS PETRAKIS, a Greek Multi-Billionaire World shipping magnate.

Everyone feared him. No one dared to say 'No' to him. He could destroy anyone in just a snap of his fingers.   But, coming back would mean confronting again his enemy's daughter, the only woman he have ever loved and adored, NINA PERES.

Read the story of the parents of  Eros Petrakis (The Girl He Never Noticed) and Chloe Petrakis (Catch Me). You will surely love this heartwarming, funny and romantic love story of Markos and Nina.

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HannahL129 HannahL129 Jan 03
Now I know why Eros doing that (snapping fingers). 
                              like father like son
This is the best book I have ever read I like it the mossstttt😍😍😍😍
tchcandycute tchcandycute Dec 29, 2017
So I read TBIAFA first and then TGHNN along with the sequel after and etc. So now I decided to read what started it all and I'm crushed to find that Petrakis isn't their real last name but it continued heritage so I'm happy with that
i came from the many peyrakis books im ready to see the beginning
user45101030 user45101030 Dec 23, 2017
is it the first book of the boy i admire from a far? ms. author
Oh. This is different it’s always the bullied fat girl comes back from London/New York and other big cities looking sexy and wants to take revenge. Not a guy that went to BRAZIL