Yeah, dobe, if you be mine -SasuNaru!!!-

Yeah, dobe, if you be mine -SasuNaru!!!-

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This is a story of SasuNaru, Naruto was having a little 'trouble' if you know what I mean ;) Let's hope Sasuke'll fix this little dilemma.

Love during the ages :D

[Just saying: This is my FIRST EVER SasuNaru fanfiction...]

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Shayrosa Shayrosa Jun 03
Lord I have sinned I just read about naruto masturbating help me Lord forgive me
I'm always eating some kind of chips and laughing while there is a yaoi scene happening. Idk why
원해 많이 많이 많이 많이
                              원해 많이 많이 많이 많이 많이 많이
*gasp* THE 4TH WALL!!! *shrugs* Oh well *jumps into anime world* *goes to find all my fav anime characters* *hugs and kisses them all* *makes all the right ships happen* YAY FOR THE DEMOLISHING OF THE 4TH WALL!!!!
If I was Kyuubi, I would just make this awkward as hell by saying random stuff in Naru-chan's head. Heuheuheu, I'm evil 😈😈
Don't ya mean grandson, cause Asuma is an adult. I didn't read the notice at the top, but if this takes place in the time that Tsunade is the hokage, then I must've missed something. Tsunade has a kid?!?!?!