Yeah, dobe, if you be mine -SasuNaru!!!-

Yeah, dobe, if you be mine -SasuNaru!!!-

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This is a story of SasuNaru, Naruto was having a little 'trouble' if you know what I mean ;) Let's hope Sasuke'll fix this little dilemma.

Love during the ages :D

[Just saying: This is my FIRST EVER SasuNaru fanfiction...]

I had to scream into my pillow so I didn't wake up my parents....
Naru is in heat and he's on his period and tbh if naruto ever became a rogue ninja i wouldn't be surprised at all
Sexiifoxii Sexiifoxii Sep 27
*stars shining in my eyes* Hot yaoi smut my favourite......... 
                              I realised we need a fangirl emojis, one just for anime/yaoi fangirl s and boys of course 😌
*is reading this while eating pizza at lunch and with my brother and sister*
Tanishiwa752 Tanishiwa752 6 days ago
When he said "surprise idiot" I thought 'SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER'
                              (please if you have a problem, excuse my language)
I have to say my fav excuse for Kakashi being late is "sorry I got lost on the path of life" lol I would use that on my teachers when I'm late to class