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 "Now, the only way this will work is if we all talk one at a time. Mr. Pineapple, how about you start off the discussion." Mr. Pineapple wore glasses he had borrowed from Mr. Celery Stalk. They made him look wise. He sat there in the chair next to me never losing his focus. Mr. Pineapple was always the respectable one.

 Mr. Pineapple said, "My pleasure." Oddly, Mr. Pineapple had a pronounced British accent, which I found fascinating since he was born and raised in Hawaii. When I first heard him at the supermarket, I knew he had knowledge up the wazoo. He continued, "As I was trying to tell you at the store, trying to speak over the barking noise of that peasant woman droning on and on about her chest pain, you simply must avoid being irrelevant. Once you step into irrelevancy nobody remembers you and you die a lonely old man."

Suddenly, that rude S.O.B. of a tomato all perched on the table butted in. "Are you serious?" He had an obnoxious scream to his voice. "You're never ...

DavidLichty DavidLichty Oct 29, 2013
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