A Minute In Infinity

A Minute In Infinity

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Salem Keating By salemkeating Updated Mar 25

It is the year 2094. 

Earth is on the brink of collapse. Humanity's only chance of survival is to relocate to the alien planet Kentauri. When the Kentauri declared war, Earth created the Galactic Army, a military force specialized for combat in space with the sole purpose of defeating the Kentauri.

Ryan wakes up the day of his recruitment test with perplexing visions filling his mind. His day only gets stranger as he recalls people he's never met and places he's never visited. On the pilot simulation, he does brilliantly, despite having close to no training. The army marks it down as talent - Ryan isn't so sure.

As Ryan grows in the Galactic Army, he pieces together his visions and memories to find that he holds secrets that could unravel both worlds. Time is running out, and Ryan must walk a delicate balance between truth and lies if he is to survive and protect the ones he loves.


Cover by the wonderful kimunkur!

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