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Kassady Thompson By Kassaquilla Updated Aug 17, 2018

This is a continuation of the first season. It contains many ships and many triangles. The whole cast as they come back from summer break.

Warning- this contains spoilers from the show. 

If you have never seen the show I would recomend watching it before reading this. Otherwise you will most likely be lost and confused on what's happening.

Season 2 Characters have been added in!!

  • alya
  • austin
  • backstage
  • bianca
  • carly
  • denzel
  • jax
  • julie
  • kit
  • miles
  • sasha
  • scarlet
  • vanessa
  • wattys2017
chelseamarsada chelseamarsada Oct 24, 2017
It's really really GOOD! While I was reading I was imaging while I read, so it's REALLY GOOD!
slowlxdxing slowlxdxing Jul 24, 2017
Maybe reread over your stories before you publish, just to spell check, but other than that, your story is really good
Rendeer01 Rendeer01 Apr 06, 2017
Sasha and Vanessa.. I would say Sasha and Carly but she turned Sasha down... Though I like Both
Kassaquilla Kassaquilla Jan 27, 2017
Ok I was thinking about giving them some more moments. Especially because I can't really decide between jax and kit and jax and biannca. But two people have already told me kax soooo we will see @Jaxandkitforever and thanks btw
Jaxandkitforever Jaxandkitforever Jan 27, 2017
Awesome chapter!! My absolute favourite ship is jax and kit!!!
Valgal45 Valgal45 Dec 28, 2016
Oh Alya... your so stupid.
                              Great story by the way!
                              Update soon!