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babydew_14 By babydew_14 Updated Jan 04, 2017

mora moon was 10 when it happend ,her father and mother disaperd no one knows why or how it happend with no evidence mora has been looking for them for 7 years untill she finally gave up .at her 20th birthday mora found a silver glass chain with a small heart ,it was her mothers braclet ,now mora knows that they are out there and wont stop, mora  thinks she will be alone ,not until mark stevens enters her life   ....

mark stevens is the copany of travelers the biggest copany  in europe. Mark has raven black hair and stele blue eyes ,every woman wants him and every man wats to be him ,mark has a deep past he will never share, he dose not love or care ,he is a mager womannizer and dosent give a damn  if he hurts them .not untill he sees mora,  he sees how soft and fragial she is and how she  fills him with more warth than anyone could hold .

both try to find away to unsolve the crazy mystery and hold on tight to the love that flys around them . 

*WARNING* .be advised  this has mature content ¤&violince 
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