The True Story Of Sakura Haruno (Sakura Haruno Fanfic)

The True Story Of Sakura Haruno (Sakura Haruno Fanfic)

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ProdigyQueen By Katriana12 Updated Apr 12

A baby was born, the baby was a girl. A girl with a heart of pure gold, and that gold is of pure sweetness and innocence. The girl was born with unusual cherry blossom hair and emerald eyes that shined with curiosity of the world. 
The girl of pure innocence was named after her hair, Sakura Haruno. 

"...Tou-San, Ka-San, you called me to the meeting room." Sakura hesitated before speaking, trembling in front of her parents, but trying to keep her calm, she told herself she would be okay. 

Let's find out what happens by reading, "The True Story Of Sakura Haruno."

This story is going to be shocking and a surprising experience especially now that I've put Sakura in a different timeline of te story.

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phantomsigh phantomsigh May 29, 2017
I hope everything is okay now, and that you're alright. And I don't think you're the worst author. I think you're far from that.