Kyra (Complete)

Kyra (Complete)

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Lily Orevba By LeeleeKez Completed

He wanted her to say something, anything! Why was she agreeing to this? Why was she accepting marriage to a man she didn't even know? Why was she so weak, so stupid, so powerless?

He wished above all things that he could walk away from this mess but his father had made it very clear; he couldn't walk away, only Kyra could. And until then, he was stuck with her. Yet, here she sat, hardly able to even look him in the eye. 

"You, Kyra, are many things" He said, his finger tracing the outline of her face. She held her eye lids shut, no doubt afraid to look at him. "A bait. A punishment. A torment" He snarled, making certain to leave his venom dripping from every word as he laid emphasis on them. He leaned forward and pressed his lips menacingly against her ears. "But. You. Will. Never. Be. My. Wife"

Retracting his finger and leaning back, he watched her, waiting patiently for her reaction. But she sat there, her eyelids still shut, her hands trembling by her side and her lips pressed together. She said nothing and it infuriated him. He hated the woman that sat before him, the weakling that was his curse. He watched with great disgust as a drop of tear disentangled itself from her thick, black, long lashes and made its way down her flushed cheek while her eyes stood shut. 

With that, he turned around and walked away, determined to be the one to break Kyra. 


When Vihaan's father forces him into an arranged marriage with Kyra, he treats her as she deserves; with anger and disgust. Until the real reason his father chose Kyra is revealed; her life hangs on the balance and with her death, Vihaan stands to gain her father's entire empire.

Will Vihaan eventually turn against his father's sinister plan to get Kyra out of the picture and stand to fight for her life or will he see her death as an escape from his emotional prison? 

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