Babysitting The Bad Boy's Sister

Babysitting The Bad Boy's Sister

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Misty Frueuff By cluelessthinking Updated May 28, 2015

Meet Tracy Lawrence, a normal high school student who kept her distance away from the popular radar for her whole high school life.

Everything was going fine until she babysat Katie, the sister of Eric Thomson. She didn't care about Eric at first anyway.

Tracy finds herself being closer to the Thomson family, excluding Eric, but what happens when Eric comes into the picture?

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Sweetslover22 Sweetslover22 May 21, 2016
I think only Chapter 1 is 3rd person cause Chapter 2 is in 1st person.
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Jul 31, 2016
I LOVE 3RD PERSON VIEW!!!!!! *glares at everyone who hates that*
Bitch, I'm a cheerleader and down somewhere in the negatives on the popularity scale
saff115 saff115 May 31, 2016
I don't like how it in 3rd person view like you don't really know how they really feel in deep emotion I can't handle it I have to stop reading 😂😂😂
laylawyatt569 laylawyatt569 Dec 08, 2016
Hi im not really a fan of third person point of view but you are a pretty good writer. Some tips and secret to writing (People feel more connected in the story when written in first person). Remember that. Also please work on editing and grammar.
fangirling_feels fangirling_feels Feb 21, 2016
this will be the second book in 3rd person that im gonna suffer through