Faded /Drarry/

Faded /Drarry/

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Luna By JustATeenageWolf Updated Mar 14, 2017

Life is hard when you're a vampire. Especially one who's a famous wizard, who has a werewolf boyfriend, and has to keep every detail of his 
Supernatural state a secret. Least to say, Harry Potter often finds himself hating his life.

In the previous year of Harry's life, he was bitten by a vampire and turned into one, alongside his nemesis, Draco Malfoy who became a werewolf. Together they had to face the struggle of keeping everything a secret, while worrying about a deadly tournament.

Now Harry and Draco are back for their fifth year at Hogwarts. Credence is gone, kidnapped by the dark lord who was resurrected last year. A new organisation has formed, the Order Of The Phoenix, and a certain new defence against the dark arts teacher from the ministry is hell bent on infiltrating Hogwarts, and it's up to Harry and Draco to put a stop to it.


This is the sequel to the book Understood, which you can find on my page :) this is a crossover between Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, so there will be spoilers for both of those series.
Cover was created by me.

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'Oh a white-blonde haired one to go with my black haired one! perfect!'
I always laugh when people accio things because I can just imagine it whizzing through the air and hitting someone on the head
Omg my mind immediatly went to the awkward photoshoot of daniel sitting on a broom
Credence. :) That's what's going on with him. He's shrouded by darkness, but still has a bit of light.
It was all soft and fluffy until someone pointed out that Credence iS STILL SUFFERING! WHYYYY?