Zindagi Chist

Zindagi Chist

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Mariam By Dulyeee7 Updated Dec 21, 2016

West Southall.... more like Afghanopolis! 

Meet Zahra Qasim, beauty, brains and badass. 3rd year Uni student. Zahra comes from your typical middle class UK Afghan family. Dodging her father every attempt to get her married and with her mothers love and support she is accomplishing her dream of becoming a doctor. She has no time for love or matter of fact she doesn't know how love even feels. She just knows that true love is one that you want not what other want for you. 

Meet Mansoor Azimi, Coming from the wealthier part of the city. Everyone expects rich, arrogant f boy. He's the complete opposite. Humble, loving and gorgeous. His dream in life was to become an architect. His company gets the shot of a lifetime when they're given the contract to remodel the neighborhoods of Afghanopolis. He's ready to build a new project but is ready to build his future. With a certain half crazy Uni girl....

And Finally... Meet Baz Barakzai , Danger Danger, sexy danger! Baz is by no means a nice guy. Leader of the gang that runs Afghanopolis. Nothing happens in the community before going thru him. From babies to buzorgs all fear and respect him. Like Mullah Ibrahim once said "that boy is ibilis walking himself". He might be the biggest asshole ever, but he's a family man. One thing he can't stand is his annoying cousin Zahra she is the only one who stands up to him and challenges his word. She drives him crazy and he loves it. Hell will freeze over before he loses her to another man. Specially one who also wants to change his city.

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