The Elemental Balance

The Elemental Balance

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Every two hundred years, since the beginning when Earth finally evolved into a planet of life in our universe, there was a selected few who were granted the responsibility of wielding the remarkable power of the four famously known elements.

Fire: Element of Determination and Strong Will.
Earth: Element of Logic and Realism.
Air: Element of Intellect and Freedom.
Water: Element of Emotion and Compassion.

In addition to the four main elements were two more rarer ones: Light and Darkness. Light being the element of the Day and its purity whereas Darkness is deemed as the element of Night and its wickedness.

These types of dominating abilities would be utilized to keep are glorious world in balance so destruction wouldn't occur, with the council being the manipulator's starry guide.

Unfortunately, in the previous generation the council became aware the one who possessed the power of darkness power was increasing, making the world become unbalanced. They needed to kill her. But she ran away, growing vicious, living only in her desire for vengeance, swearing to kill the elements. 

However, her plans were delayed due to a light barrier and passage of time, thus she had to wait for the next generation.

Unexpectedly, they were teenagers.

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Status: (Minor Hiatus and Is Currently Being Rewritten)

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MadAngus MadAngus Oct 03, 2017
I really like the cover. Of this chapter, and the book itself.
Dang can you imagine how painful it must’ve been for her very own sister to imprison her 😭 I hope there’s a special scene showing the imprisonment to break my heart😭😭
Wait so are there various people with these elemental powers? If one of them becomes too strong it becomes unbalanced?
user72539965 user72539965 Oct 11, 2017
Several grammatical mistakes that can be easily corrected like; run-on sentences, punctuation, and sentence headers. I love the premise, and believe there’s plenty of potential to be a very great book. I’d love to read it.
DaisyWolfeen DaisyWolfeen Oct 02, 2017
Nice, you used the symbols of Wicca for you cover. I like this book already.
ZoeMi0909 ZoeMi0909 Oct 06, 2017
So that explains our odd weather patterns. THE ELEMENTS ARE GOING THROUGH SOME PERSONAL ISSUES