Love Like The Storm (Kat&Hunter One Shot)

Love Like The Storm (Kat&Hunter One Shot)

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Emmma By 3mmaRawrs Updated Jan 28, 2012

This is it.

This is it for Kat and Hunter.

Well, for us it is.

For the, it's only the beginning.


That's manslaughter in the second degree and he should of gone to jail smh I like Chris tho so lmao
He deserves what hes getting but im sad that Hunter is suffering again
This shouldn't make me upset because John is a nasty hoe, but it only makes me upset because it's sad to think that some children feel safer with people other than their boligical parents. I mean OBVIOUSLY hunter should feel safer with Chris it just makes me upset idk
Am i the only one who doesn't feel bad that john died? Whoops
I was playing tug of war with some neighborhood friends back around 2006-2007 and I tripped and they pulled the grape and the concrete scarred up my leg, just below my knee.
Bitch is like John from Saw!!!! "It's not me that kills people it's my cancer..."