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Best Friends With Benefits

Best Friends With Benefits

2.2M Reads 43.9K Votes 43 Part Story
CJ By chloessica Completed

Aiden and Peyton are best friends. Just best friends. Are they? Nah.
As they both begin to feel their feelings for one another, they agree in a secret relationship? But will it work out? 
What about when sweet-boy Gale becomes involved?
They take a vacation to Florida were the deepness of their relationship is revealed.
Be warned that this story does contain strong sexual references and mild violence.
If you like cute romantic stories, this is one for you!
[Completed story]

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IAmTheSixthMarauder IAmTheSixthMarauder Dec 19, 2016
you and aiden are goin to go out and have sex lol i finished the story
SkamIsak SkamIsak Jul 17, 2016
I would be so happy if someone said that to me, I have a flat butt and I've been told so many times to do excerise to make it bigger but I'm like really bish
star1412 star1412 Sep 06, 2016
Did she have a shower? Do they ever have showers ? Its like in every book i read all they do is get dressed no brushing of the teeth or washing their body *sigh*
yexhia_21 yexhia_21 Dec 27, 2016
I smell something fishy.. Something like aised have a girl than her forever bestfriend..
tinsausage123 tinsausage123 Aug 23, 2016
What a way to end the chapter. It's like a cliffhanger, but not REALLY a cliffhanger.
                              Almost as if you expected it to continue, and when it ended there, you were all confused and checking to see if you missed smth and then when you realized that you didn't, you're like "Whaaaa..."
lele_litt lele_litt Nov 21, 2016
If someone told me that I would start posing and popping my butt out like "hmm you think so??" With a smirk