Naked and Kidnapped

Naked and Kidnapped

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Mahi By Lord_Raccoon Updated May 16

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I hope so.
Imagine this: You are taking a nice and warm bubble bath with lavender bath bomb.

Suddenly, you hear some shuffling and footsteps from your room. Also, that someone is attacking your parents and you need to save them and be the hero. . .but you are too lazy and continue humming 'Dragon Ball Z's' theme song.

Taking sweet time, you step out of your bathroom wrapping a towel around your Edward-Cullen-Shinning body.

Anddddd you find Voldemort and Nick Fury standing in your room; strangest part is that you-know-who has a nose. Nope! You don't see that but unearthly thing than that happens.

You see, four handsome and 'Fine Specimen' standing in your room in all their suave glory. . .with a gun and smirking like they just ate your cookie dough ice cream.

What do you do? Scream?!

Pffsh, hell naw!

With a blank expression you ask them out of the blue, "Batman or Superman?"

Now, this would never happen with anyone in real life. . .but fortunately it did with Angelynn Clyde Dabkowski. Strange name, I tell you.

What happens next? We don't know. Out of which, Batman or Superman will these 'Fine Specimen' choose? Will someone die? Whom will Angelynn choose? And most importantly, who ate the cookie dough ice-cream?

Wait right there, what would you do?

Let's join Angelynn with these 'Fine Specimen' kidnappers. . .and find out!

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At first I thought this was the beginning of the book and I was a little confused
Kk. But you'll have to wait a few years or else it'd be illegal.
just_grasss just_grasss May 17
Dude, I completely understand. When people ask for an author to update it gets superrrrr annoying. Like "DUDE I KNOW I NEED TO UPDATE STOP POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS!! THERE IS A CAPTAIN FOR THAT!!! NO NEED TO STEAL HIS/HER/HE-SHE TITLE!!!!!!!
Oh lord....... He's just too good looking....and hey thanks for making my day.....I actually read this chapter in the morning b4 going to college and surviving it....but hey I saw all these good looking faces and it just brightened up my mood😁😁😁...
                              So thank you again😍😍😍
Oh...but I love him anyway❤️❤️😍😍😍❤️😍❤️
mikay2023 mikay2023 Jul 07
What would I do I'd jump in the "finest specimens" arms and say take me away🤣🤣🤣