The Gangleader {#Wattys2017} ✔️

The Gangleader {#Wattys2017} ✔️

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"Can I ask you a question?" He asked. "You just did." I'm getting better at this speaking thing. He became serious, "Do you think that people are naturally evil and they do good things and become good? Or that once you do something horrible, your instantly bad?"  He looked at me intensely waiting for an answer. His thunder storm eyes staring into my chocolate brown ones. 

"Everyone is g-good. Every life matters, no m-matter what." I said. "Why?" 

"You know I'm in a gang right? A dangerous one? That's kills people? That tortured people for their amusement? Kassie, I killed people! There's no restart button on life and I look theirs away. But Kassie, I can still do it, I regret nothing. Every single death I caused gave me pleasure. It gave me a rush. And I can't stop. I won't, stop." 

I hugged him and he hugged back. "That's who you are. Everyone is different." I said. 

"You aren't scared of me?" He asked letting go. I put my forehead on his, which was hard considering our hight difference. I cupped his cheeks and said, "have you hurt me yet?"

"Kassie, I can-" "Shush. I don't care if your a psychopath or a murderer or a vampire because when I look into your eyes, I see fear and hurt. Something made you the way you are and that created this. This." I said poking his chest than mine. "Would we have met?" 

He smiled, "I guess not." 

Kassie Leah Rose is mute. She is a child at heart and a wise old man at the same time. Never underestimate her.

Ryder Black is the most feared person in history. He is looked at in many ways, loved by his gang members, hated by other gangs, feared by the rested.   

What would happen if they met?


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