My band mates & me *EDITED*

My band mates & me *EDITED*

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#XoXoAllTheLove By Razorblade2 Updated Jul 18, 2017

Bridecest fanfic!!!  Andy biersack is in love. Not such a bad thing right......yea he's in love with a guy or should I say guys because Andy is in love with his fellow band mates Ashley ,cc,Jake,and jinxx what will he do?   Notice: I messed up so the description is also on the first page. Sorry this is my first so give me time I'll get use to it. 

Chapters: 15/15 *edited* 'author's notes not included'

first published: October,25,2013

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Razorblade2 Razorblade2 Oct 28, 2013
Sorry if it's bad it's my first one and I'm typing it from my phone.
                              But tell me if it's good I'll take bad commets and good ones to help my improve it.